Annegret Steinmetz


Working Papers:

'Informal Groundwater Markets: The Role of Share Contracts', 2005.

'How Informal Water Markets Function: Empirical Evidence from South India', 2003.

'Inefficiency of Tenancy Contracts: The Role of Imperfect Monitoring, Cost Sharing, and Crop Composition', 2005.

'The Effect of Cost Sharing on Input Choice in Sharecropping Contracts: Theory', 2006.

Work in Progress:

'Auctioning a Stochastic Supply: How to allocate Surface Water for Irrigation.'

'Do Risk Evasion Strategies lead to a Suboptimal Allocation of Labor Input? Theoretical and Empirical Evidence using the Pakistan Rural Household Survey.'

'Income Variability in a Drought-Prone Region in Orissa: The Role of Spatial Factors' (with Susanne van Dillen).


'Three Essays on Groundwater and Tenancy Contracts in Rural Economies'


Applied Economic Development (Econ 372, Spring 2004 and 2005)

Economic Development (Econ 371, Fall 2005)


Pictures of my field study in Tamil Nadu